By the Numbers Collection


I wasn't expecting the answer to be "tax form numbers"...

That was accountant Kathleen Collette's response during a meeting before I began working on custom artwork for her office.

I rose to the challenge to make tax numbers interesting and captivating enough for both Kathleen and her clients, playfully hiding the tax numbers within images of textures and everyday ordinary items. It was a rewarding adventure for both of us, and revealing the final artwork was such fun with friends and family present. For more photos of this "By The Numbers" series, please click here.

Being creative is what I love.  My visual "stories" are shared on my website homepage and the images there are things or places that matter to me and bring me joy.

What do you love? What matters most? Put that on your wall.

If money were no object, what would put there that you could look at every day?  

Imagine it so.