reflecting on beer, love and creativity

What are you THANKFUL for?

When you are a Canadian living in the US with a husband and children, you get to celebrate Thanksgiving twice. I love having two turkey dinners, and I love recognizing the things we're thankful for and saying them out loud.

In this season of Thanksgiving, what do you feel blessed to have in your life?  

Some of the things that made it onto our big page of gratitude - hung on the wall and written on through the day, not in any order - included: healthy parents, a husband who helps out with everything, beer, the goodness in people, laughter, chocolate, time, love.

I also wrote "creativity" on that paper.  I cherish it like I cherish my children and relationships.  For many years as I focused on raising a family, I barely did any artwork.  I'm so grateful to be using these inherent skills again and to have my life back in balance.

The article above is something that I came across from my past (should I write 1987 out loud?), working as an artist in southern Ontario.  I was thankful for the media coverage at the time, and while I don't paint on fabric now and the designs have evolved, seeing this made me realize how far I have come and how far I have yet to go.

Thanks for coming along.

What you are grateful for is what matters most.

with gratitude,