Frequently Asked Questions
...About Limited Edition Prints:

Do you sign the prints?  Yes, each print is signed and numbered, and the name of the work noted.

How are the prints made?  Concepts for my artwork start with either hand drawings (with pencil on paper), or drawings using a computer tablet.  I often incorporate my original artwork, monoprints, watercolors, and other photographic images into the final design for a print. I then digitally 'play' with the design until it is refined.

What is a limited edition original print?  It is an image or design, original to me as the artist, printed on paper. Limited means that a specific quantity is printed.

How many are in the edition size?  I keep my editions small.  Each work in a collection is an edition of 30.

Why does the edition size matter? A smaller edition size means there are only a certain number ever printed in the world. This typically adds more value to the collector over time.  I keep my editions small - usually 30 - so that you won't see this artwork everywhere, just a few important and special places.

What is a giclee print?  The word giclee is French for “to squirt or spray” and in this context it is to squirt ink on paper. Essentially, a digital, inkjet, or giclee print mean the same thing.  Giclee also refers to a superior resolution, at least 300 dots per square inch from quality nozzles (1/1millionth of a strand of hair) on a professional printer. 

Will the print fade? Not in your lifetime. I produce the prints myself, using a professional grade, large format printer, with a minimum of 8 color cartridges.  The inks I use are archival quality, meaning they won’t degrade over 200 years if treated properly.  The paper I print on is made of 100% cotton rag, or cotton fiber paper that is an acid-free base.

How do I know the work is authentic? I provide a "Certificate of Authenticity" with each print purchased to ensure you of the origination and legitimacy.

Are you hesitant to buy something without seeing it first?  Me too! I don't like taking risks.  To reduce that feeling for you, I will send you a complimentary card of the image you are interested in, at no cost.  You can see the quality of the print, feel the paper, carry it around from room to room to see how the colors look in the space you're thinking of.  If you think it is a good fit, come back and shop with confidence.  To order a complimentary card, go to the shopping cart, or email me at  Since I print these on an as needed basis, please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

...about having custom art created:

Please see the information here for answers about custom art