how can i have custom art created for me? 

How does the custom art process work?

  1. Schedule a consultation by phone, by video conference, or in person if feasible.

  2. We meet and I'll listen while you tell me what matters most to you and ask questions that help determine what the focus of the artwork could be. You might show me things you are passionate about or share pictures of significant people, or talk about places you’ve been to and loved. We talk about possibilities for the artwork, including the space it is going into.

  3. Choose your favorite sample from the two or three I create for you based on our conversation, and then I'll get to work on the final custom art

  4. Enjoy the work we created together!

how much does custom art cost?

Since pricing is unique to each piece and determined by size and complexity of the project it can’t be preset for something created especially for you. I estimate what the cost will be based on the sample you choose and the size you'd like.  To give you an approximation only, $500 to $1,000 for small works, $1,000 to $10,000 for medium works and up to approximately $35,000 for large works   

is there a fee to have samples made?

Yes, I charge a non-refundable $250 flat fee to create 2-3 samples for you, which is applied to the final cost of the artwork

how and when do i pay for my artwork?

Once you decide on what you would like created, a 50% deposit is paid. The remainder is paid once the artwork is complete. All major credit cards are accepted

how long will it take to get my custom art?

Time from start to completion varies, depending on my availability, the size, materials used, and complexity. Typically a range one to two months (or four to ten weeks) is the norm

what kinds of materials do you use?

This may vary depending on the project.  I am very careful to choose highest quality materials whenever possible, and earth friendly if available. I use archival inks, paints and materials, and if treated properly, the colors remain true for 200 years or more

can I see what you are creating for me before it's done?

No, however, I will send you process photographs upon request

can you show me some examples of custom art?

sure!  take a look at these...

If the artwork needs to be framed, is that included in the price?

Typically, no. If framing is necessary, it is your responsibility.  I would be happy to assist you in selecting framing, and framing options, subject to an advisory fee

is the cost of shipping included?

No, shipping costs are additional

will you install the custom art for me?

I do not provide installation services, however, I may be able to make a recommendation, or advise you how to do this yourself

What forms of payment do you accept?

Checks, Cash and all major credit cards

where are you located?

my home and studio are located in the state of New Hampshire, USA, in a town called Merrimack where I live with my husband and kids

do you have other work for purchase?

of course!  I have many prints available from collections on my website.  click any of the "buy prints" buttons to start shopping

Creating custom art is a journey to remember and an experience to share.  Commission me to transform what matters most into an original art piece that preserves and celebrates your family, an important person, a special place, or a treasured item.  Hang it in a space where you can enjoy it every minute, and share your story with friends and family.

A bound, hard cover journal describing the making of your commission accompanies the finished artwork, and becomes a treasured keepsake of the experience.

Why not host an unveiling party and celebrate with friends and family? 

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