perkin's cove

Original Giclee Print

the story...

Wishing you could head to the ocean, and take a deep breath of fresh air?

The images in this original print are from Perkin's Cove, Maine - a gorgeous coastal place on the Atlantic.  This brings back fond memories of a fantastic weekend away, and a walk on the majestic "Marginal Way".

This artwork resonated with my clients, since Perkin's Cove is a place they love to be, and are able to enjoy those memories when they're at home.

Collection of Bissonnette/Hildreth


by the numbers

Original Commission

the story...

Does the thought of numbers put you to sleep?

This series of six was created especially for a professional accountant.  Our early discussions determined the theme of the work, and my client was clear that she wanted tax form numbers...

There can be much beauty and sophistication - even in numbers - and in things right before our eyes.  Shredded paper, playing cards, a braille elevator button, rice, frayed fabric - these mundane items provided whimsy for each number.

Collection of Kathleen Collette, CPA, EA

honoring lorene

Original Artwork

the story...

We all have people in our lives that inspire us and share their talents.

My aunt Lorene was good with her hands.  She sewed, crocheted, and did painstaking detail work that would be revered today. She created the beautiful and delicate snowflakes that I scanned and used in this piece.  The Canadian Air Force pin on her dress was from her fiance which is stitched in silver thread through this canvas.

Collection of Bryan Jensen