How do You preserve and celebrate what matters most and have artwork created?

This is a journey to remember and an experience to share.  Commission me to transform what matters most to you into an original custom  art piece that preserves and celebrates your family, an important person, a special place, or a treasured item.  Hang it in a space where you can enjoy it every minute, and share your story with friends and family.

A bound, hard cover journal describing the making of your commission accompanies the finished artwork, and becomes a treasured keepsake of the experience.

Why not host an unveiling party?  I'd love to join you in your celebration!

 The custom art process goes something like this:

  • You contact me and we talk - by phone, by video conference, or in person. If it’s a good fit, then…

  • We talk more. I may gently probe and listen while you tell me what matters most to you. I may ask you to show me examples or share pictures of significant people, things you are passionate about, people you love, places you’ve loved being at. We talk about possibilities for the artwork, including the space it is going into. If it's a good fit, then...

  • We sign a contract. A non-refundable deposit is required at this time.

  • Pricing is unique to each piece and is determined upon size and complexity of the project, it cannot be preset for custom art. I estimate what the cost will be based on the sample you choose and the size you'd like

  • Once we have an agreement I conceive ideas, sketch, design, and create two or three small samples

  • You choose your favorite sample

  • I create artwork similar to the sample in the size that works best for your space

  • I do not show work in progress to anyone, ever, however, I will send you process photographs upon request

  • I notify you that the work is complete and send you a high resolution image of it for your review. If you accept it, you pay the balance owing on the artwork, and it is shipped or delivered at your expense

  • I do not provide installation of the artwork, however, I may be able to provide recommendations for this service

  • If possible and desired, you may want to host an unveiling of the artwork in the intended space and celebrate with friends and family

Questions about time and money:

  • How long does it take to complete the artwork? It varies, depending on my availability, the size, the medium, and the complexity of the custom work. Typically a range one to two months (or four to ten weeks) is the norm

  • What does it cost to commission artwork? Each piece is different, and cost depends on many variables including the size and complexity of the finished piece. Prices range from $500 to $1,000 for small work, $1,000 to $10,000 for medium size work and up to approximately $35,000 for larger work

  • If the artwork needs to be framed, is that included in the cost? Typically, no. If framing is necessary, that cost is the client’s responsibility. I would be happy to assist you in selecting framing, and framing options, subject to an advisory fee

  • What forms of payment do you accept? Checks, Cash and all major credit cards

Questions about responsibility:

  • Am I required to sign a contract to have custom artwork made for me? Yes. The Artwork Commission Agreement, signed by both you and I (the "commissioner" and "artist"), ensures that both parties fulfill their obligations

  • Can I reproduce images of the artwork I commission? Taking a picture of your artwork to show your friends is fine, however, reproducing the images of the artwork is not allowed without written permission. Just like buying a book, you own the book, not the right to copy the words within it. You own the artwork, not the right to copy images of it, anywhere, anytime.

Questions about quality:

  • Will my artwork fade over time? Not in your lifetime. I use archival inks, paints and materials, and if treated properly, the colors remain true for 200 years or more

  • Where should I hang my artwork? Typically, it is not advisable to hang artwork of value in direct conditions: sunlight; moist environments; heat sources; extreme cold; high areas of dust

  • What kinds of materials do you use? This also varies, depending on the project. I am very careful to choose highest quality materials whenever possible, and earth friendly if available.

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