what matters most to you?

There are things in life we treasure - items that bring back memories of a joyful time, images that connect us to a special place, photographs of people who are instrumental in us becoming the human beings that we are

What if you could preserve that thing, or that person, or that place,
in a way that was meaningful, artistic, and sophisticated?

I help preserve and celebrate what matters most to you through artwork. By incorporating images and connecting memories, I turn the things that tug at your heart strings into art created especially for you

I also offer a collections of limited edition prints that are my own stories.  They are designs and works inspired by a range of personal things - travels, relationships, nature's designs, and the simplest things right before my eyes.  I often incorporate photography into the work, and visually introduce my fascination with texture.  I am thrilled to utilize capabilities that technology provides, tools not available decades ago in my art business.

Originally from southern Ontario, Canada, I currently reside in New Hampshire with my husband and two great kids. I've been honing my artistic skills since I won an art contest in Mrs. Parson's first grade class about five decades ago. I like hanging out with my family and friends, communing with nature, and feeding my creative soul. 

That's what matters to me.


What matters most to you?


I'd love to hear what that is...
emily otterman
PO Box 156

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
-Mary Oliver, poet
from “The Summer Day